Episode 005 – Walmart sells Skype Phones, Computer Speech Now and in the 80s, Joe talks about his new dream machine.

iTunes 7.0 for Mobile Phones?: Code that was commented out in the iTunes has references to using a phone as a media player for video and mp3 playback.

Bill acts like the Rainman and a grunty from Halo.

Bill got a VoIP phone from Wally World: Bill found a nice 30 dollar phone from Walmart. We test it out and you can hear the sample.

AT&T True Voice: I show off how this text-to-speech app makes my phone sound like its really futuristic… and polite. Actually the beginning of the podcast was introduced by Audrey. Bill gets nostalgic and talks about his Commodore 64’s speech program.

Best Buy Refridgerator: Bill and I discuss the future of fridge drawings and how kids will eventually just upload their pictures to the screen on the fridge.

Dodge Daytona: Speaking alerts for cars in the mid-80’s in the Daytona and Chrysler Laser.

Carmina Burana: A wonderful piece of music to have on your mp3 player and to listen to as you enter a room. I got the idea from Weird Al’s page on iTunes.

BMW 330i: I tried out a nice Beemer. Parents are in the market for a car and so I tagged along. The BMW was actually cheaper than the van my parents wanted. Of course the van had bluetooth, sat-nav, and power actuation on just about everything. Also got to sit in a GT-40. Absolutely gorgeous. Scion supercharger boosts it in power but still just shy of 200hp.

Did we catch the rabbit?

SATA Drives are CHEAP!!: Internal drives are getting insanely cheap.

My soon to be 64 bit custom rig: Core Duo, Dual SLi support, 2 gigs of RAM, SATA all around… and the most insane case you have ever seen, from Thermaltake. Kingwin Arctic Liquid Cooling system with sweet radiator.

Bill talks about the fully submerged computer. 64bit processing for the next flavor of Windows.

Video for the Show: Invisible Skating.

Bill talks about some college kids that do their interpretation of Space Invaders using some serious stop motion.

And we still can’t figure out how to end the show.

Thanks for Listening!