Episode 006 – The last 2 years, Google Chrome, Cloud Computing

Well we are back after a long break. Both Bill and I had some major changes from Episode 5 to now. Bill had the great honor of becoming a father to a beautiful daughter. I got engaged, married, and had a major job change from the job that initially kept me from TTG. So Bill’s wife invited my wife and I over for dinner and after the meal Bill and I finally sat back down to record the show.

So we were right about the iPhone when we found this article back in 2006. Bill got the phone and summarily hacked it but now got the new 3G iPhone and was very happy with the latest update. Bill mentions how the new firmware removed the 3G buzz. Competitors try to match the iPhone with the new full screen interface and no tactile keyboard. Even enterprise phone king Blackberry has entered the market with the Blackberry Thunder, Storm, Hurricaine…whatever. Smart phones are the phone of choice by most.

Twitter now has unique competition via Laconica. Its a new micro-blogging service that an individual can run on their own server. Leo Laporte from TWiT setup a Laconica for the TWiTarmy.

Interesting services are now available that provide engines for the end-user a quick way to create a micro-blog, a social-network, or CMS.

Cloud Computing:

Google Docs – for documents

Ning – for social network

Twitter – for micro-blogging

So we are putting everything up in the Cloud but how much will we do?