Episode 003 – The Apple conference, The new iPods and the iTV

News from the Apple Conference:
The new iPods: We don’t get the new full screen iPod that was so heavily rumored. There is more vibrant screen, higher definition support as in 640×480, instant text based searching, and the all important battery life has been extended. The new amazingly tiny iPod Shuffle.

If you have seen it then you will realize what I am talking about.This kind of resembles the parody iPod Flea:

I will say that the new Nanos with the aluminium body are very nice and I will probably get one.
iTunes 7.0: Finally it gets an update and whats this… The Music store now also features the Movie store. Makes sense to go along with the more vibrant screen and battery life in the new iPods. But One More Thing…
iTV: The iTV… Steve said they would change the name because iTV is a codeword. It is a set-top box that acts as a delivery system direct to your TV for all the media that you have on your PC. It can even bring down podcasts like your favorite tech guys, Bill and Joe. The iTV features the following connections:
>> 802.11
>> USB2
>> Ehternet
>> HDMI connector for all new big-screen flat panel TVs
>> Component video (RGB)
>> analog audio RCA jacks
>> Optical audio
This will definitely be an interesting contender to any future generations of Tivo and be an excellent delivery system for the future multimedia home theater systems.

Thanks for listening!